Womenswear designer with over 5 years experience in luxury and commercial brands in Hong Kong.  Expert problem solver with the ability to constantly adapt and innovate in fast-paced, high-pressure workplace.  From concept to production, strong merchandising sense and price-point-driven design.

BA fashion graduate from RMIT University Melbourne who has had her work exhibited and participated in various runways in Melbourne and Italy.

Graduate collection - SLY CUTS revolves around the integration of laser cutting technology and fashion.   By using a laser cutter to perform intricate cut outs and textile surface manipulation, Lai Wa is able to create a collection that is beyond the traditional garment construction method but still remain the integrity of femininity and elegance.



Technology Special Prize of Mittelmoda Fashion Award 22nd Edition



Finalist of Melbourne Cup Fashion On the Field Designer Award

Industry Special Prize Winner of TISA Award

Fashion Shows


Invited Participant in Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival 14 - AURORA Runway



Invited Participant in Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 13 - Emerging Student Runway 1